• Janis Ian & Wolfman Jack taping the Midnight Special TV show
  • Janis Ian hugging Lily Tomlin, who presented her with a Grammy
  • Janis Ian with Steve Goodman - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian with Conny v.d. Bos & Willy Dobbe
  • Janis Ian with Jodie Foster, Adrian Lyme & others, celebrating the release of 'Foxes'
  • Janis Ian with Mel Torme, Della Reese & unknown - photo Bettina Cirone
  • Janis Ian with Barbara Cook
  • Janis Ian with Dave van Ronk 01 - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian with Dave van Ronk 02 - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian with Dave van Ronk 03 - photo by Peter Cunningham

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Better Times Will Come
Janis encourages you to make your own video and recording of this song.
Free downloads and sheet music

Better Times Will Come

Live at the Forum, 1980
10 songs recorded live at The Forum in 1980.

"At Seventeen"
Live in Fukuoka, Japan, March 1997.
Also available as a free MP3 download

"Resist" - Woodstock FilmFest
Live from the 2019 Woodstock Film Festival.
Available as a free studio MP3 download,
free live MP3 download, Free Lyrics Download and Free Lyrics with Chords Download

Woodstock FilmFest
An afternoon of songs and stories with 10 time Grammy award-nominee Janis Ian,
appearing with BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross at the Woodstock Film Festival.

Janis Ian - Friends of the Island Library
On January 31, 2019 Janis spoke at the Friends of the Island Library on Anna Maria Island, Florida
as part of the 2019 Lecure and Travel Series.

Janis Ian - WNYC

Historic Interview and Performance on WNYC
(Audio only, no video)
Here’s a recently unearthed interview by Dave Sear with Janis,
age 16, from WNYC's Adventures in Folk Music radio New York! Recorded on December 7, 1967.
Also includes five songs:
1. Younger Generation Blues
2. Society's Child
3. I'll Give You A Stone If You'll Throw It (Changing Tymes)
4. (Too Old To) Go 'Way Little Girl
5. Beep Beep Song

East Orange Hall of Fame Honors Janis Ian
On November 24, 2018, Janis Ian will become a member of the East Orange, NJ Hall of Fame.
As she herself says, “East Orange is where I began my life as an artist –learned to play the guitar,
wrote my first song, wrote ‘Society’s Child’, and did my first shows.
I can’t over-state its importance in my life, both the city and its inhabitants. I am extremely proud of this honor!!”


Janis Ian Interview & Performance
Janis Ian, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and author, sat down with David Bianculli (TV Critic, Fresh Air)
for a special interview an performance ahead of the 2017 Rutgers Writers' Conference.


"Fade to Grey" duet Janis Ian with Trevor Sewell
Feat. Janis Ian on piano
"Trevor's song 'Fade to Grey' was one of my favorites,
but I always heard it as more of a jazz piece than a blues,
which is how he'd originally recorded it.
I asked him to let me arrange a new version and sing on it,
and this is the result!"

"Shadows" by Trevor Sewell. Piano Janis Ian. "Travor and his team had just about
given up on this song when I stopped by the studio.
After listening to a couple of versions, I stood up and said 'Trevor! You're trying to make this song rock,
but it’s not a rocker. You have a beautiful quiet, contemplative side to your voice.
How about we go into the piano room, just you and me facing one another,
and I'll play and you’ll sing. Let’s see what happens!'
Well, this is the result. I think it shows a completely different side of Trevor,
one he normally only shows to close friends. And I loved playing the piano part."

The Tiny Mouse Promo Final
Videographer Travis Trout made this to promote my new book, "The Tiny Mouse".
That's my puppy, Gracie Mae, running through it!

The Tiny Mouse Gracie Mae Outtakes Final
This is what happens when you try to teach your puppy to read a book you just wrote.

"Matthew" From Stanford Talisman Spring Show 2015
"Matthew" is a song written by American singer-song writer Janis Ian,
in reflection of Matthew Shephard, a young gay man murdered in a brutal hate crime
on 12th October 1998 in a field near Laramie, Wyoming.
In "Matthew," Ian reflects both on the inexplicable cruelty of Matthew's murder
as well as her own fear in the aftermath of the event, as a lesbian woman
in a society where homophobia makes such violence possible.


Steve Berkowitz talks about re-mastering the Janis Ian catalogue.

"I'm Still Standing" produced by Fur Peace Ranch and Kevin Morgan Studio
Directed by Andie Walla
Assistant Directed by Michael McSteen
Cameras by Brett Maszczak, Eric Tiu and Andie Walla
Audio by Rusty Smith

"While preparing for my own appearance at the Ellnora Guitar Festival,
I enjoyed watching videos of the other performers on Youtube.
Makana struck me as an incredible guitarist and lovely human being,
so I invited him to play with me on ‘At Seventeen’.
Our shows overlapped, so there was no time for even a sound check.
We met in his dressing room for all of five minutes, then hoped for the best.
As you can see and hear, his performance was very good indeed!" - Janis Ian

Janis Ian - 1973 Friends Of The Earth PSA
Janis Ian wrote and recorded this public service announcement for Friends of the Earth summer 1973.
We believe it was one of the first, if not the first, music video promoting ecological awareness.
"Friends of the Earth" by Janis Ian, c. Taosongs Two; all rights reserved.
This video is the property of Janis Ian/Rude Girl Records, Inc. All rights reserved; used by permission.
To read more about Friends of the Earth, visit their website.

Janis Ian - 1776
Janis Ian has released a new song, "1776," in honor of, well, 1776!

Live From Grand Center 2008

If you enjoy these videos you can purchase the Live From The Grand Center DVD in the Shopping Mall.

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