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Lost Cuts 1


Janis Ian

I was walking down the street, when I spied CNN
in the window of a bar and I thought Here we go again
So I stood there in the crowd, and I watched the world go by
while everyone around me kept on glancing at the sky
I was nervous

So I went back to my house, and I got down on my knees
It was quiet as a mouse when he spots a chunk of cheese
I said Lord won't you help me, 'cause I cannot see the light
Then I thought about the bomb, and I shut the curtains tight
I been nervous

I been nervous about love. Should I go or should I wait?
If I tell you that I want you, will you say I came too late?
I'm nervous that my nerves aren't ready for my fate
I'm worried that my worrying is too much and much too late
I'm really nervous

I am nervous about time. Does it start or does it end?
If we mess up evolution, do we get to try again?
And if I was a potato, could I see you in the dark
underground where I'll be if they light the final spark?
I'm nervous

I'm nervous for the president, and for the FBI
I'm nervous for the government, and I don't want to fly
I'm nervous 'bout the Arabs, when I look up at the sky
and I think I'm being hijacked when you look me in the eye
I'm really nervous

I'm nervous in the morning, and I'm nervous late at night
and I want to be alone, but I don't want you out of sight
and I don't know what to do, and I don't know where to turn
I just walk around in circles, and I wish I was a germ

'Cause if I was a germ, I would never be scared
I could hide in a finger, or a little piece of hair
I could give 'em all the clap. I could kill them in their sleep
and they couldn't fight back, and they wouldn't scare me
or make me nervous

I don't want a revolution. I don't want to fight a war
I don't want to think about it, or be nervous any more
so I'm going back to bed With a dirty magazine
and I'm hoping when I wake up, it'll all have been a dream

Well, if you're feeling nervous, you can come up to my place
We can drink a glass of wine and pretend we're on a date
Or we can sing Kumbaya by the light of the T.V.
Or we can move to Dakota It's all okay with me
Don't be nervous

I think I'll throw a party for the end of the world
and I'll wear a formal cocktail dress, and my Grandma's' pearls
and we'll talk about the theater and the movies and pretend
that we never saw a thing on CNN
to make us nervous

It'll be all right. It'll be okay
We will live our lives, and face another day
but until that time, let me say, my dear
That I'm nervous and I'm very, very glad you're here

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