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  • Janis Ian - Photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian - Photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian playing percussion for 'Stars' - Photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian on stage
  • Janis Ian - Photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian with Kathy Mattea & Deanna Carter cutting 'Emmanual'
  • Janis Ian with Eric Bibb & Leon Bibb
  • Janis Ian with Eric Bibb
  • Janis Ian with Utah Philips & Eric Bibb
  • Young Janis Ian with Leonard Bernstein
  • Janis, Judy Collins, Leonard Cohen - Bottom Line 12-01-74
Lyrics With Chords
Rude Girl Publishing

The life and experience of a songwriter like Janis Ian is forever woven into the fabric of her songs, and Janis has proven time and time again that what she feels and thinks and writes touches the hearts of those who listen.

We are providing lyric sheets with chord charts in PDF format from the list below. Please note that not all of Janis 400+ song catalogue is listed here. If you want actual charts with notation and such, you can buy one (or all) of our digital songbooks at our STORE.

Other sites would make you pay for all these features, but not us, because we like you. The idea is that you'll like these so much that you can't help but go to our STORE and buy the album.

And now a word from our lawyers: All lyrics © copyright by Janis Ian/her co-writer(s) if any/their publisher(s). All rights reserved. Re-printing these lyrics for limited personal use is fine. Using these lyrics to make money is a violation of lots of laws; do not do that please! Permission to quote in books, magazines, etc. may be obtained via .


Better Times Will Come

Boots Like Emmylou's

Candle For The Flame, A

Days Like These

Every Woman's Song

Fly Too High

Getting Over You

His Hands

House Without A Heart


I Am The One (key of A) [ listen | buy song | lyrics]

I Am The One (key of G) [ listen | buy song | lyrics]

I Hear You Sing Again

I'm Still Standing


Light A Light

Married In London

Mary's Eyes



My Tennessee Hills

On The Other Side

Paris In Your Eyes

Resist [ listen | lyrics]

Ride Me Like A Wave


She Must Be Beautiful

Silly Habits


Take No Prisoners

The Other Side Of The Sun

This Old Town

Through The Years

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