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Uncle Wonderful

Body Slave

Janis Ian

Take me to the light
Take me to the mystery of life
Take me to the light
Let me see the edges of the night
He's got the answer - we'll live forever
Take me to the light, give me what i crave
He knows the meaning, he shows we're dreaming
Take me to the light
And let me be your body slave
Body slave

She said - I wanted all the Wealth and fame, fancy name
My life in lights. The time was right
And I was right for the role
(but nobody liked me)
He came along when my Life was down, hit the the ground
I didn't hesitate - we meditated
And he sated my soul
He took control

Now fame is just another illusion
My name will one day be forgotten
But in these times of confusion
I know that I have been chosen


She says - I never feel A sense of greed or of need
He will provide and i'll survive
On the light of his love
(begging on the freeways)
He gives freely of all that's learned. In return,
Some minor favors like delivering the Savior
a dollar or two
or bringing you

Money's just another confusion
and destiny can be an illusion
so let him be the one decide
You'll go to paradise
Your soul's the only price


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