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  • Janis Ian & Wolfman Jack taping the Midnight Special TV show
  • Janis Ian hugging Lily Tomlin, who presented her with a Grammy
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  • Janis Ian with Jodie Foster, Adrian Lyme & others, celebrating the release of 'Foxes'
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Janis Ian

Libraries and Educational Institutions

Libraries saved my life growing up, and continue to play a vital part in my day to day existence. No matter how much research I do on line, I always end up at the library, rifling the stacks and leafing through books I didn't know existed.

Although I didn't graduate from high school, I put my mother, my brother, and my partner through college and graduate school. My father was a master teacher, and I recognize the importance of education.

For these reasons, I am always pleased to provide gratis copies of books and CD's, within reason and with proper identification, to libraries and educational institutions. I'm also happy to provide bulk discounts for schools wishing to use my books in a classroom setting.

I'm happy when my work is used educationally, especially my articles. But please ask for permission, and email us all the information, along with your institutions name, address, and the proposed usage.

If you're interested in any of the above, please and thank you for listening!

Bookstores and Libraries

I live for books. When I first began doing "readings" at bookstores, my crew and I had to keep one door of our van closed all the time, because with a manager's discount, we were spending all our money on books! The pile grew so high that we finally had to ship them home.

If you run a bookstore or library and are interested in a "reading" (really more of a performance art piece), join my email list. The instant you see a show going on anywhere in your neighborhood, please to see whether I might be able to appear at your store. I can't appear at a bookstore day of show, the promoters won't allow it; I can appear the day after, or in conjunction with a show.

What PeopleSay About Janis

What makes Janis Ian a great songwriter is that she's a great storyteller. Her autobiography, Society's Child, is a compelling tale of not fitting in and of overcoming adversity; of finding the wrong love and finally the right one. Her stories held audiences utterly spellbound. When we gave readings together at the Tucson Book Festival, side by side, long and short, it was and is one of the highlights of my life. People in Tucson are saying, "Hey, would you do that again?" And yes, I definitely did laugh and cry.
J. A. Jance, New York Times best-selling author

Teaching differs from performing, yet embodies many of the same characteristics. Janis Ian's passion, experience, insight, expertise, and beliefs permeate her teaching. She is not a sage on the stage spouting great wisdom. She is a fellow traveler who has been on different roads and reveals her roadmap. It is a special artist who can break art into pieces that can be rebuilt and owned by others. A good teacher communicates passion, knowledge and beliefs. A great teacher opens in you passions, understandings and beliefs. Janis Ian is a great teacher.
Joan Maute, Ed. D.

When Janis made an appearance at our library, she drew one of the largest and most enthusiastic crowds we had ever seen. Totally accessible and unfailingly generous, she has an uncanny ability to connect with her audience. The response from our patrons was overwhelmingly positive. Many first-time visitors became regulars. I do not believe we can overestimate the value of her involvement with our library.
B. Reimels, Nashville Public Library

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