OK, here's how it's gonna work:

  1. This auction is being conducted in the manner of a "silent auction." In a virtual sense, you will go from "table to table," view the merchandise, and place a bid on anything that looks tempting to you.

  2. After you finish reading these procedures, you will be whisked away to a Registration Page, where you will be asked for some basic information like name, address, e-mail address and phone number. This information is being requested ONLY for the use by this auction; it will NOT be shared with ANY other enterprise. You MUST register for the auction in order to place a bid.

  3. Please use the STREET ADDRESS that you want to have merchandise delivered to if you are the winning bidder. NO POST OFFICE BOXES, as we will be delivering by Federal Express and FexEx can NOT deliver to P.O. Boxes. Again, we will NOT be sharing this information with ANYONE.

  4. After registering, you will be shown a page of CATEGORY LISTINGS of merchandise that is available for sale. From the category pages, you'll follow links the ITEM LISTINGS of all the merchandise that is available in each category, with descriptions of the merchandise and commentary from Janis Ian. Many items have links to graphics files that display a preview or illustration of the item.

  5. From the ITEM LISTINGS, you will follow a link button to VIEW THE BIDS on each item or PLACE YOUR BID. Follow the simple instructions on that page to place your bid for that item. PLEASE NOTE: From time to time, our servers may run slowly, or network congestion during peak hours may cause delays in the processing of our forms. If you experience such delays PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ANY OF THE "PLACE BID" BUTTONS MORE THAN ONCE. Your response will be recorded eventually, so please be patient.

  6. Once bidding has begun, there are minimum bid requirements These are in place to avoid people raising bids by $1.00. Although we trust in the integrity of people signing onto this auction, we are also trying to make our lives easier! You can read the minimum bid rules here, or refer to them from the "Place Your Bid" pages."

  7. Please familiarize yourself with your web-browser's "back" button, as you will probaby need it for navigating around the auction. If you are not familiar with the "back" button, it is usually a "left-facing" arrow, which you can find the upper left hand corner of your browser.
    In Netscape (v4.x) it looks like this: this
    In Internet Explorer (v4.x) it looks like this: this
    in AOL (v3.x) it looks like this: this

  8. Your e-mail address, which you will use to register for the auction, will also serve to identify you each time you bid. Please make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly when you register, and each time you bid. Especially if you are loggin in via AOL, remember that your COMPLETE e-mail address is not just your screen name it is ( Please be sure to enter your complete e-mail address wherever required.

  9. If you intend to be an active participant in the auction throughout its duration, we strongly recommend that you BOOKMARK the CATEGORY LISTINGS pages with the items you wish to keep track of, so that it will be easy for you to return to those items and monitor the bidding.

  10. The auction will be CLOSED at 12:00 NOON CENTRAL STANDARD TIME on November 15, 1998. Winning bidders will be notified by e-mail of their successful bid. Winners will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with delivering their merchandise. You will be notified of the shipping charges, and the total charge for your purchase, at time of notification. Shipping charges will be posted later during the procedings, but will adhere closely to FedEx rates + $5 for handling for each item (these charges are being added so that all the merchandise proceeds can be donated to Goddard College)

  11. Upon notification, winning bidders will have 72 hours to pay for their purchase by credit card via the secure server at You can pay with VISA, Mastercard, or American Express. Sorry, no Discover Cards. Winning bidders wishing to pay by check will also have 5 business days for their mailed to check to reach the Global Headquarters. Please note, ONLY CERTIFIED CHECKS or CASHIER'S CHECKS will be accepted for those paying by check.

  12. In the event a winning bidder has not delivered payment within the prescribed period, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

  13. Many of the items being auctioned have minimum or opening bids. In the event the opening bid is not matched or exceeded, those items will NOT be sold at the end of the auction.

  14. All the merchandise being offered for sale in this Auction has been donated by Janis Ian. 100% of the net proceeds of the auction will be donated to Goddard College in honor of Janis Ian's mother, Pearl Yadoff, a graduate of Goddard College.

  15. Please bear in mind that is first and foremost a music marketing business, NOT an Internet auction site. We have devised routines and scripts that are simple and effective for this event, but they are not perfect. If you have suggestions for how the process might work better, you're welcome to send them to

Once you have familiarized yourself with the above procedures, click the button below to...

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