Janis Ian has made more than 300 items available for bidding in this auction, all proceeds to benefit her late mother's alma-mater, Goddard College. Follow the links below for more detailed listsings of the items offered for sale in this auction. If nothing else, read the stories behind them!
Audio 1: Vintage 16 & 24 Track Tapes & Masters
Original analog 1/4", 1/2" and 2" 16 & 24 track tapes; outtakes and safety masters

Audio 2: Vintage vinyl Records, CDs, Cassettes etc.
An early (1971) original publishing acetate of the song Have Mercy, Love, vintage out-of-print and foreign vinyl, original (first run) singles of Society's Child & Janey's Blues (Janis' first two singles), unpublished multi-song cassettes etc.

Audio 3: Foreign
Foreign vinyl & CD's

The vintage hat worn on the Stars cover, coat from Uncle Wonderful, her Mom's original mink stole, high-heeled sneakers, lots of stage clothes, ties, "Godlike" stage T-shirts, and an antique vintage "Mr. Bojangles"-type dancer's outfit with rhinestones & spat covers.

Musical Instruments & Equipment
Janis' vintage Hamburg Steinway piano, Santa Cruz guitar prototype, stage gear, vocal microphone, Gibson guitar, Marshall mini-stack & more.

Jewelry & Pens
Jewelry from & to Janis' Mom (opal necklace, amber necklace and more), lapis necklace & earrings, platinum & diamond ring, other jewelry from album covers, fountain pens used for writing & editing, antique gold pen used for signing with CBS.

A living room concert for you & your friends, vintage gold & platinum records, lacquerware from Japan, first edition contact sheets & slide sheets from album cover shoots, personal photo of Janis with Billy Joel & Bruce Springsteen ca. 1975 in Philadelphia, vintage Billboard Magazine with Between the Lines at # 1, 2 shot glasses used by Nina Simone & James Baldwin when they came to brunch at her mom's, a cut glass dresser set she's had since 1972.

Original out-of-print copies of Janis' poetry book Who Really Cares (inscribed to her grandparents & her Mom), original drafts of 5 Advocate & two Performing Songwriter articles, a vintage copy of Broadside Magazine #56 3/10/65 (her first published appearance), and her FBI file.

Sessions & Songs
First drafts of songs ranging from Society's Child to Honor Them All; annotated studio charts & vocal sheets from 1967 to present, original handwritten drafts of lyrics, handwritten lead sheets and corrections of songbook parts. All lyrics were hand-written or typed by Janis herself, then corrected and/or annotated by her. All annotated pieces are suitable for framing. Most of the charts & scores come in groups. Listed alphabetically by song title in three sections:

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