A number of emails have asked Janis what she would buy, if she were bidding on her own auction. Below is her list of recommendations, favorite items, and notes.

Hopefully I won't end up having to bid on my own stuff - that would be a bit "beyond the call of duty"! But these are some items I'd buy if I were a fan and another artist were offering them.


# 002   Mink Stole - no bid  Surely someone out there collects antique furs?

# 005   Two Piece Royal Blue Silk Suit - no bid My partner calls this a "pimp suit";

                    very cool, very Batman. But small.

#025-030   GodLike Stage T-Shirts  Okay - where are all you people who desperately offered

                    me $100, $150, even $200 for one of these!

# 044   Terminator Leather Stage Boots - These boots are worn but not worn-out

                    by a long shot; they're the coolest boots I've owned, next to the wraparound

                   cowboy boots featured here. Ani Difranco style, and believe me, that girl styles!

# 045   Cool panelled cowboy boots - As they say in the music business, these are "the shit".

# 051   Hamburg Steinway Baby Grand Piano - I know this is a high minimum, but I

                    thought for sure some school or church or rich person would start bidding by now!

# 053   Janis Ian Santa Cruz Stage Guitar - ditto on this item. It's really a great guitar.

# 072   Gold Diamond Wedding Ring - well, I don't know if I'd buy someone else's

                     wedding ring. But it's a lovely piece.

# 153A  Orchestrations-Applause Applause (scored for 44 instruments) - I'd suggest

                    anyone interested in orchestration and music and recording go check these

	       out on line - I'll be seriously disappointed if they go this low. In fact,

	       I may bid on them myself.

# 218   Conductor Copy-The Mission  (full score, handwritten by Janis) Same thing as above!

# 236   Shadow draft - This description says it's xeroxed, which is true - the first two verses,

                    at any rate. The rest is all handwritten, with corrections and changes

	          everywhere. This is a wonderful piece.

# 237   Lyric first draft-Silly Habits - If you liked the song, if you liked Mel Torme's version,

                   this is also pretty wonderful.

# 244   Drafts-Some People's Lives - If I were buying, I'd put my money into this,

                   Take No Prisoners, Silly Habits and Shadow. This is the best of the group.

# 249   Lyrics-Take No Prisoners - As above. A really colorful envelope, frameable.

                    I love this piece.

# 296   Audio-Have Mercy Love (first recording, mother master vinyl) - in the

                    "old days", we recorded publishing demos of new songs onto tape; they were then

	         hand-transferred onto vinyl. This is a neat thing to own; there's not much

	         of that era around in hand-cut mother masters.

# 305-309   Audio-Hunger Songs - These are the songs I sent my producer, manager, et al for

                    consideration on the Hunger album. Of course I get final choice, but it's

                    good to have second opinions. Lots of stuff you've never heard

		(and perhaps will never hear!).

# 400   5 song tape - What an unprecedented deal! 5 songs of YOUR choice, recorded onto

                   cassette by me in my living room. Personalized and a lot of fun for both of us.