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November 14th, 1998

Dear Bidders:
We asked Janis these questions by e-mail this afternoon, and these are her answers...She's in Florida tonight doing a gig, but still watching us here at the auction. Just thought you might be interested in what she's got on her mind tonight...

Happy Bidding!

Dear Janis:
I was wondering if you'd mind answering a few questions....

1. Besides the piano and the guitar, which of the items left with low or no bids do you have the strongest feelings about?

Mink stole 002 - Necklace & earrings 070 & 071 - Silly Habits 237 - Some People's Lives 244 (last two and first are most....)

2. Which items listed in the auction would you say are your "most cherished"?

More than any other thing, I think "Thankyous" (item #252) - don't know why... but that's probably the single most important thing to me in the auction as a human being, because I wrote it for my family and played it literally a minute after it was finished for my Mom. And it was always her best-loved song...

Some People's Lives 224 - Stars cap 042 - Red AIDS Ribbon 075 - Large Blue Fountain Pen 091 - Silly Habits 237 - Photo with Bruce and Billy 117

3. What has surprised you most about the auction?

The overwhelming response... and just how GOOD everyone's been! no one's tried to burn us, undercut us, spam us... people have been just amazing.

4. How have the folks at Goddard responded to the auction?

At first, with some enthusiasm and a guarded response - after all, it was in the planning stages 4 months before we went on line. Toward the first week they started getting excited. Then they were thrilled. Now they're mostly speechless!

5. What has been the "strangest" bid request?

Bid for my dog Murphy - and for only $60!