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(Updated November 12th, 1998)

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Updated 11-14-98: We asked Janis today....

Are you a Winning Bidder?
Here's what you'll do to claim your items...

1.) Auction closes Sunday, Nov. 15th at noon(CST)
2.) We will notify you within 24 hours (by phone or e-mail)
3.) You have 72 hours to make payment arrangements
4.) We'll ship the items you've won!

Read the details...

Find Your Favorite Artist
Throughout the auction's pages you'll find a lot of Janis' friends mentioned...artists she's known and worked with throughout her career. Several people have asked for a page that will point them to their favorites...and here it is...Find Yours NOW

House Concert in Dublin
A fan writes that she will bid $5,000.00, plus two airfares and two hotel rooms for a living room concert at her home in Dublin, Ireland. We have accepted this bid.

The bidding will remain open for the House Concert to U.S. bidders. For a description of the terms and conditions for this item, go to Item # 097 .

There are still items to bid on!
There are still a lot of items in the auction that haven't received a bid, or that have low bids. Janis recently supplied us with a list of items that she recommends for those of you who are just getting started.
See Good Buys

Not bidding? You can still make a contribution...
The question has come up several times - "can I send a donation even if I don't want to bid but want to send money?" (It's true!) The auction is really a smashing success, and if you'd like to make a contribution to the cause, you can send it to:
The Pearl Fund At Goddard College
Post Office Box 121797
Nashville TN 37212

Who's Bidding?
One way to find out who's bidding in the auction is to watch the Auction Discussion Board. Leave a message for other bidders to see, or ask a question about the auction. There's a good chance you'll get a response from Janis...she's watching!

Autographs and Authenticity
Any of the items in the auction can be personally autographed by Janis at your request. Each item shipped will come with its own Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Janis Ian. If you have the highest bid, be sure and let us know that you'd like the item autographed before we ship on November 30th.

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